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Blue star international freight forwarder

BLUESTAR one of the best shipping agent in China ,Be set up in 2005,The head office is in Shenzhen China. Yes,it,s our honour the we can provide servive for you,also good luck to you ,that you find the reliability and responsibility freight forwader in china. Hope everything is good for you and your family,and your business are also better and better.


Gold medal service

Gold Medal Service.
Committed to building a leading brand of quality import and export services in China, our company provides customers with a series of import and export services, such as booking, towing, maritime, customs declaration, etc. Through years of accumulation and precipitation, according to the different products and needs of customers, our company can provide customers with the best solutions.


Security assurance

Security guarantee.
Our company is specialized  in the dangerous and special goods  product import and export service,  through all of the colleague's endeavor as well as the customers and friends and ship owner's support, the company will  take the 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 kinds of dangerous goods. to book the space, the trailer,  and the maritime affair.


Professional team

Professional Team
The company has many departments such as overseas  marketing department and business department, and has many professional first-line business specialists. Through refined division of labor and assignment, we will pass your needs to business colleagues who are dedicated to you in the first time. 1 to 1 VIP membership service.


One Stop Service

International trade procurement assistance
International trade procurement assistance.
Blue Star Import and Export International Department helps customers to Achieve the goal of global procurement.In the early stage of trade communication, you only need to confirm the supplier information at home and abroad.Next, our colleagues in the International Department will assist you in the whole process of trade communication.
One stop import agent
Door-to-door one-stop import and export service.
Bluestar import and export supply chain has a wealth of case service experience, including booking, trucking, maritime, customs clearance and other one-stop service.It is not limited to dangerous goods, but also includes a series of one-stop import services such as super-large mechanical equipment, import and export customer procurement.
Global trade pick up transportation
Global trade pick up transportation
we have established cooperation with North America, Europe, Oceania, South, North America and other core trade regional systems, and Asia's cargo transportation network to provide customers with convenient one-stop door-to-door import and export services since 2005

Fast import feedback in the whole process
Fast import and export feedback.
Blue star's import and export operation department has more than 10 professional operators. We have established a one-to-one VIP level import follow-up feedback. From door-to-door delivery, international transportation, international import and export processes, and door-to-door delivery, we dare to promise the fast feedback in the whole process
Warehousing solutions for imported goods
Import and export cargo warehousing solutions.
Due to the limitation of different characteristics of goods, We specializes in finding long-term high-quality warehousing cooperation venues for all kinds of dangerous goods, providing comprehensive warehousing solutions for your goods.
Nationwide coverage of import outlets
Coverage of import and export outlets nationwide.
Starting from South China, covering Central China, impacting North China,   Bluestar import and export agency had established a first-line port layout strategy for eight coastal cities, and provided convenient, safe and efficient import and export services through superior first-line outlets.

Door to door one stop import service

Bluestar import and export supply chain has many years of experience in case services, including booking, trailer, maritime, customs clearance and other one-stop services and not limited to dangerous goods, including the import and export of super large mechanical equipment, customer procurement and other one-stop import services.


Evergreen Marine Corp, or Evergreen Marine Co., Ltd., was founded on September 1, 1968. When it was founded, it was just a 20-year old grocery ship. Although it was struggling, Evergreen Marine followed the business philosophy of "creating profits, taking care of employees, and giving back to the community", and created many great achievements in history.Up to now, the company has operated about 150 full-container ships, ranking the world leader in terms of fleet size and container carrying capacity
Ocean Network Express(abbreviated as ONE), formed by the integration of the three major shipping companies in Japan -- Nippon Yusen, Mitsui Merchant Shipping and Kawasaki Steamboat, was officially launched on April 1, 2018.On July 7, 2017, Japan's Three Ofunagnia Corporation issued a joint announcement, announcing the establishment of a joint operation of the consolidated shipping business, holding company and operating company.
Star Integrated Shipping Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Star) is one of the largest container shipping companies in the world. It is Israel Corp, a subsidiary of Of-Brothers Group Ltd.Owned.Its main business is to provide customers all over the world with transportation services on major international routes.
Maersk group was founded in 1904, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, has offices in 135 countries around the world, with about 89000 employees, in container transportation, logistics, port operation, oil and gas exploration and production, and other activities related to shipping and retail industry, provides the first-class service for the customer.
CMA CGM is the French shipping company CMA CGM. On 5 January 2006, CMA CGM successfully merged with Delmas.1851 Shipping Information Company (CMM) and Atlantic Shipping Company (CGT) are established.In 1977, CMM and CGT merged to form the National Line of Shipping (CGM).Jacques R. Saade founded CMA, the French shipping company, in 1978, creating the first liner service from southern Europe to Lebanon and Syria.1996 CGM was privatised and acquired by CMA.


Cargo tracking

Real-time tracking of international logistics transportation of all goods, confirm the transportation status of goods by combining online query and transportation workflow


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